Jabari Jacobs

Artist's Website


Jabari Jacobs is an Antiguan-American visual artist based in Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington DC. Whose passion lies in commercial, editorial and food photography + design, and filmmaking.

Jabari’s art is all about embracing the power of color and using bright, bold, and vivid hues that exude energy and intensity.

“A mantra I live by is to focus on what I can control and accept what I cannot. This mindset allows me to channel my energy into honing my craft and embracing the unpredictable nature of the artistic process.”


Partial Client List

ABC, Adidas, A&E, APPLE, Atlantic Records, BET, Buzzfeed, Capitol Records, CBS, Deutsch NY, Disney, Freeform, Hallmark, Harper Collins, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Paramount, PUMA, RCA Records, Reebok, Republic Records, Sony Music, Warner Music